About Us

Weaving and Fiber Goods

Sally Jacobsen has loved working with yarn and fiber since she was a child.  She began weaving over twenty-five years ago when she took a class at the Weavers Guild of Minnesota. She first learned the weaving arts on a 100 year-old Danish jack loom that was pulled out of an attic, on which she made treasured blankets for each of her three children.  Now, with her children out of the home, Sally has returned to her love of weaving, using an eight-harness loom overlooking the lake at their home in north central Minnesota.  She uses mostly natural yarns and fibers, and has used local wools from sheep and alpaca, along with natural fibers purchased during their travels, including Scottish and Belgian wools and Japanese silk.

Turned Bowls and Woodworking

Paul Jacobsen has loved working with wood since he was a child.  After years of dabbling in furniture making and other woodworking, he discovered the fun of turning bowls and other art from green wood.  All products are made from sustainable local woods, with most cut by Paul himself using a chain saw to recover logs, burls and other parts of trees that are being logged or removed due to storm damage.  Using his years of experience with wood, and using a lathe, he aims to take a rough piece of wood and reveal its hidden beauty to create a work of art.